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Feb 19, 2013 10:00pm EST
. >> these cuts are not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. >> in his state of the union address president obama himself admitted that these cuts were a really bad idea. what the president failed to mention was that the sequester was his idea. >> the sequester was the president's idea, but of it meant to force congress to act -- but it was meant to force congress to act because it would be so objectionable to everyone on both sides of the aisle. >>> the olympic athlete accused of murdering his girl friend tells his side of the story. >> and could a change in d.c. traffic lights mean for green for the city? the plan that could affect your commute, we put it to the test coming up next. >> looks like our wednesday morning commute will be dry, winnie and much colder. -- windy and much colder, the full forecast a bit later. >> later on the news edge a grieving mother demands an answer, how she plans to make sure someone pays for the loss of her 15-month-old son at 11:00. >> keep it right here. fox 5 news at 1
Feb 20, 2013 10:00pm EST
to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ >>> i want to take you back to the breaking news. one child is dead and another in critical condition after a family was run over by their own car. bob barnard is live on the scene with the latest. bob. >> reporter: shawn, we just got here in the last ten minutes. this happened right in front of this family's home. behind me is a white car. you see its driver's side door is open. just before 8:00 tonight, and this man apparently got home, left the car running, then he took his two children. we'll find out their ages in a moment. he brought his two children out of the car and for some reason, the car engaged. it either moved forward or backward and struck the man and it killed one of the children. critically injured the other child and the father, apparently, escaped without too serious of an injury. that's the car. this is the park forest apartments in oxen hi
Feb 21, 2013 10:00pm EST
recovering from receipt session. >> our economy used to be -- the recession. >> our economy used to be the fastest growing in the nation as a metropolitan area. now we're in the bottom 1/3. >> reporter: but the battle lines remain the same as the democrats blame republicans for not going along with their plans to raise higher tax revenues. >> since the new congress began they have not put forward one proposal to prevent the across the board sequester. >> i try to put myself in the place of the regular citizen who sits here and watches this. they got to be scratching their heads. >> reporter: republicans insist deeper entitlement cuts are needed, not more tax money. >> now it's time to get serious about reducing washington's out of control spending. >> reporter: virginia republican congressman randy forbes says the white house is to blame for the sequestration crisis because he says it created the budget cutting mechanism in the first place. >> the president signed it into law. he doesn't have to sign it into law. he did and for over a year from august, 2011 through the end of
Feb 22, 2013 10:00pm EST
. less for its overall impact on the economy than just what it continues to say about the inability of washington to solve any problem. >> and who are you going to hash that out this weekend? >> we're going to be talking about sequestration with two top senators about whether there's any possibility for a last-minute solution to this thing. i don't think there is, but we'll be asking republican tom coburn and democrat claire mchaskell. and the governs are in town, scott walker of wisconsin of the collective bargaining public workers union fame, and jack marquell, the governor of delaware. we'll have to ask about joe biden's comments that, biden should get a shot gun and if there's an intruder, start blasting away from their balcony. turns out that's against the law. >> that airs right here at 9:00 a.m. see you this weekend. >> thanks, brian. >>> coming up next, looking for a job? how about slipping into a pair of these. it turns out a whole lot of people want to be this guy. >> and a disgusting post-sandy problem, rats running ram pant in the big apple. how the city is taking action
Feb 18, 2013 10:00pm EST
technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ >>> actor alec baldwin has been involved in another altercation. during this latest incident, a new york post reporter said he used a racial slur. he reportedly said he wanted to choke her to death and he denies making any racist remarks. >>> a new york senator is calling on the industry to ban baldwin from any further projects. >>> police found cindy mccreadyon the porch of her home. >> reporter: the country music world is mourning today after losing one of their own. police say singer 37-year-old mindy mccready apparently took her own life sunday afternoon in arkansas. an autopsy is planned but authority's report she died of a suspected self inflicted gun shot to the head. she struggled over the last several years with arrests for drugs and drunk driving. she was in and out of rehab and tried taking her own life two other times in 2005 and 2008. in 2011, she made headlines again for taking her oldest son away
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5